Haven II: The Workshop

So many people who complete the Retreat become hungry for a book project, or gain new inspiration to re-visit an old project. And they ask me, “Now what? It’s not finished, I’m not sure how to get it finished, I don’t have support, I don’t know how to find good feedback or a solid program and teacher that I can trust. Can I hire you to work with me privately?” I care so much about each person who comes to Haven, and if they want to write a book, I of course want to give them continued support. The very best way I can offer it, while still having time for my own writing, is through Haven II.

This program offers:

A five day six person Workshop.

One hour of pre-workshop phone consulting with Laura

Two three hour classes a day in which you will get intense feedback using the Haven Workshop Worksheet, filled out for each attendee, by each attendee, based on their first 30 pages, one month prior to the Workshop

Daily opportunities to practice your pitch, your talking points, and to hoIMG_0051-001ne in on your book’s structure

Social Hour

Post Workshop consultation with Laura

Continued feedback and help with your book from your Workshop co-attendees

The opportunity to apply to Haven III to work with Laura one-on-one

*The Workshop is led in the author’s farmhouse, in the tradition of the artist’s salon, on 20 private acres of pristine Montana land with ponds and hiking trails

To apply: (Haven I alums only)

Submit a 400 word book summary and a one page outline

To attend:

Must have the first 30 pages to send out to other attendees one month prior, be willing to give feedback for each manuscript using the Haven Workshop Worksheet, and give continued support to other attendees after the workshop as they complete their books.

100 pages of a manuscript is encouraged to get the most out of the Workshop. Material does not need to be consecutive or polished to apply!

“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.” ― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

Haven III

IMG_0012-002Once you have completed Haven I and II, and you have finished a solid draft of your book with the help of the Haven Workshop Worksheet, and your Haven II co-attendees (as well as those willing to read your work from Haven I or any willing Haven I alum (and there over 300 of them)…you can apply to work with me one-on-one. This is the best use of your time and money, as at that point, your book will be structurally sound, the characters three dimensional, the prose well-crafted, and the theme running clearly through its pages. Now is the perfect time for me to dig into your manuscript, and help you get to the finish line! Since you will already have a very solid first draft, and since I have worked with you in many cases from the beginning, we will already have a powerful and trusted dynamic and can hit the ground running!

My mission is to end the tortured artist paradigm, and to empower people who want to write. To that end, I want Haven to be available to all demographics, and by offering this three part program, you can find all the things you need to finish your book: nurturing and masterful teaching and mentorship, excellent feedback, lasting community, all at a reasonable cost with unparalleled value. The whole Haven program costs thousands of dollars less than working with an editor one-on-one or doing long term classes and workshops for a result that all-too-often lands in frustration, incompletion, blocks, and even destructive or unhelpful feedback and editing. I support good writing programs and writer’s groups, but I can fully stand behind the power of the Haven experience and its remarkable results.

Haven III will help you:

Polish your complete first draftIMG_0023-002

Write a book proposal

Strategize and navigate the journey of publication

Utilize Laura’s social media, marketing, and publishing industry connections


All books published by Haven Alums



Laura has everything you can ask for in a writing mentor. She creates an open, warm and unconditionally loving space with other writers from which to create. As someone who's taken her share of bruises in writing groups, that support opened me up to start writing again after decades of doubt. But, what blows me away the most is her ability to edit other people's work. I think it's because she genuinely cares about what we create and because she's just got this freakishly deep insight into what would make your story richer. I'm currently revising the first draft of a novel using Laura's comments as my guide. They are like a gift that brings you to places you didn't know you had in you. If you listen, I guarantee, you'll go back into your work and say 'Did I really just write that?' She's that good.
--Robin Hoffman, New York

Working with Laura as an editor has proven educational, fun and magical. I now know what a true editor is, one who both improves your skills but is also able to pull your words, your story, out of you in a way that may at first feel very uncomfortable and challenging but quickly morphs into something almost spiritual. – Justine Froelker

At Haven, I started to gain some confidence in my voice. I knew I carried stories worth telling but I kept them in a drawer, tinkering with them now and then. Haven 2 gave me a deadline for serious pages, and it gathered a small group of brave writers who had done the hard scrabble work of the early drafts and now wanted to go deeper. With Laura's guidance and the fellow Haven 2 writers, I discovered what my strengths were and saw the big holes in my story. Since those magical few days, wrestling with manuscript demons by the fireside, I've gone at writing with more stamina and less fear. Haven 2 didn't make it easier to tell my story but it made it clearer, the path of well-sharpened pencils and heart stones. This is the next step. Do the steps, Havenites. Every week, I discover a book that saves my life and I think often, What if the writer had chickened out and kept it in a drawer? The world needs these stories. As I chew on my manuscript to prepare for Haven 3 (soon, I hope), I am ever grateful to have Laura's kind and sure voice as my guide.
--Caroline Hemphill

One of the greatest gifts of Haven II for me has been the ongoing support since we all gathered under Laura's roof. We've maintained a monthly group phone call where we are each given time to either receive feedback, read a piece if we wish (no one's done that yet), or discuss progress, hang-ups, and the like. It keeps us in tune with each other's progress, and I notice my writing improving with each phone call. So grateful to Laura for starting this community, and to my Haven II sisters who continue to support each other through every fraught step on this journey with our projects.
--Megan Troup

Seriously the catalyst that cleared all the confusion out of my brain and set me on a path to actually freaking write my book(s). Laura has designed a workshop that pushes writers to step outside of their comfort zones in a safe space, and empowers them to believe in themselves, their book babies, and the incredible bonds developed during the workshop with the other writers. Intensely powerful, motivating, inspiring, and the single best investment I have ever made in myself and my writing (beyond Haven I of course ;)). As Megan Troup said, we still hold monthly support calls to share pieces of our ongoing work, receive invaluable feedback, hold each other accountable and work through areas where we're stuck. You'll essentially have 5 new writing besties and editors working for you, committed to helping you see your project through, as you are for theirs!
--Heather Higinbotham

“She’s like a stone tumbler. She takes all these mis-matched books and people, and jumbles them in the tumbler, to make beautiful smooth shiny gems.”
--Tania, Atlanta, GA